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No matter what you drive, it's nice to know how hot you are
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ThermoCap is equipped with a functioning reclamation valve. ThermoCap is compatible with a coolant overflow bottle.

When you know the coolant temerature, you can avoid getting burned. for example, if ThermoCap's meter indicates 235°, then it's better to leave the radiator cap in place. Run cool water over the radiator, and leave the engine running. If ThermoCap's meter indicates 145°, you could probably remove the cap to check the cooland level with reasonable safety.

Valve pressures available (Domestic size):
7 lb, 13 lb, 16 lb, 20 lb, 24 lb.
Valve pressures available (Import size):
13 lb, 16 lb
Trim Colors: Silver, Blue, Red, Gold, Black
The ultimate radiator cap
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