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Model Cases (12 units per case) 7 psi pressure
TC001S7 , Domestic (large) silver
TC001R7 , Domestic (large) red
TC001B7 , Domestic (large) blue
TC001G7 , Domestic (large) gold
POP Displays , (number of individual units)


Model Cases (12 units per case) 13 psi pressure
TC001S13 , Domestic (large) silver
TC002S13 , Import (small) silver
TC001R13 , Domestic (large) red
TC002R13 , Import (small) red
TC001B13 , Domestic (large) blue
TC002B13 , Import (small) blue
TC001G13 , Domestic (large) gold
TC002G13 , Import (small) gold


Model Cases (12 units per case) 16 psi pressure
TC001S16 , Domestic (large) silver
TC002S16 , Import (small) silver
TC001R16 , Domestic (large) red
TC002R16 , Import (small) red
TC001B16 , Domestic (large) blue
TC002B16 , Import (small) blue
TC001G16 , Domestic (large) gold
TC002G16 , Import (small) gold


Model Cases (12 units per case) 20 psi pressure
TC001S20 , Domestic (large) silver
TC001R20 , Domestic (large) red
TC001B20 , Domestic (large) blue
TC001G20 , Domestic (large) gold

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