ThermoCap compliance Agreement
Date: 2-22-13
To: Defendant
Re: Compliance agreement
US District Court, Central District of California
Case # ED CV 13-00243 VAP (DTBx)
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We agree to return any Davies Craig Thermocap products that we have in inventory to the party that supplied it to us, with a demand for refund. We also agree to remove any representation of the Davies Craig Thermocap from our website or other place of retail business.
We understand that the infringing Davies Craig Thermocaps have the “CPC Auto” logo on the meterface. The legitimate ThermoCaps have the “Mr Gasket” logo on the meterface. ThermoCaps for the US Market can only be purchased from Prestolite Performance, formerly Mr Gasket, in Cleveland Ohio. Tel: (216) 688-8300
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Louis Carroll, 363 W 3rd St. Perris CA 92570
Tel: 951 940 6068